Domestic Services

Here at KW Power Washing, we understand how important it is to keep your home looking as clean and tidy as possible.

Your driveway is one of the first things people will see outside your home, and your patio or decking is where you will spend those precious summer days, so keeping them spotless is a must for any proud homeowner.

KW Power Washing Services extensive range of services will do all of this - meaning you don’t have to lift a finger.

We also provide a domestic cleaning service in the home. For more information on this service please see our website for KW Home Cleaning Services

Need your path or driveway clearing from the snow this winter? Give us a call and we will be happy to help.

For more information on any of our domestic services, please call on : 0800 612 7724

Covering Areas

  • Commercial Power Washing North East
  • Domestic Power Washing North East
  • Drive Cleaning North East
  • Driveway Cleaning North East
  • Patio Cleaning North East
  • Block Paving Cleaning North East
  • Commercial Power Washing Darlington
  • Domestic Power Washing Darlington
  • Drive Cleaning Darlington
  • Driveway Cleaning Darlington
  • Patio Cleaning Darlington
  • Block Paving Cleaning Darlington
  • Commercial Pressure Washing North Yorkshire
  • Domestic Pressure Washing North Yorkshire
  • Drive Cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Driveway Cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Patio Cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Block Paving Cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Commercial Pressure Washing Teesside
  • Domestic Pressure Washing Teesside
  • Drive Cleaning Teesside
  • Driveway Cleaning Teesside
  • Patio Cleaning Teesside
  • Block Paving Cleaning Teesside
  • Commercial Pressure Washing Stockton
  • Domestic Pressure Washing Stockton
  • Drive Cleaning Stockton
  • Driveway Cleaning Stockton
  • Patio Cleaning Stockton
  • Block Paving Cleaning Stockton
  • Domestic cleaning North East
  • Domestic cleaning Darlington
  • Domestic cleaning Teesside
  • Domestic cleaning Stockton
  • Domestic cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Commercial cleaning North East
  • Commercial cleaning Darlington
  • Commercial cleaning Teesside
  • Commercial cleaning Stockton
  • Commercial cleaning Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Snow removal North East
  • Snow removal Darlington
  • Snow removal Teesside
  • Snow removal Stockton
  • Snow removal Richmond North Yorkshire
  • Snow clearing North East
  • Snow clearing Darlington
  • Snow clearing Teesside
  • Snow clearing Stockton
  • Snow clearing Richmond North Yorkshire

    What We Offer

    Driveway Cleaning

    Over time paved driveway surfaces deteriorate and lose some colour. This is due to the porous nature of most block paving and provides an easy platform for weeds, moss, lichen and algae to take root. This is in addition to any dirt, tyre marks or oil stains that may have accumulated on the surface. We can keep your driveway looking like it was recently laid with our efficient driveway cleaning service. Once cleaned using our modern professional equipment, our team will then re-sand and fill the gaps between the blocks, bringing your driveway back to a 'just laid' condition. We can also provide a sealing service once the restoration work has been completed, ensuring the maximum time before your driveway wil need to be treated again.

    Patio Cleaning

    We will clean your patio very effectively, removing most moss, weeds, lichen and any algae without damaging the surface of the paving or any pointing. Our pressure cleaning equipment will clean any paved surface, such as block-paving, crazy-paving, concrete or sandstone slabs. We can also clean tarmac, pattern imprinted concrete and wooden decking. The very high pressure of the pressure cleaning equipment means that just cold water is all is that is required to clean these surfaces without the need for any chemicals. For natural stone areas, we can provide impregnation and sealing of the stone ensuring your investment remains intact.

    Wooden Decking & Furniture

    Over time decking attracts a lot of algae and combined in wet conditions the surface becomes extremely slippy. We can tackle these problem leaving you with a slip free surface, causing no damage what so ever. We can also handle the cleaning and restoration of wooden garden furniture / planters etc, ensuring they remain like new for many more years of use. Once cleaned, we can provide the sealing and staining of decking along with the application of high grade teak oil to your wooden garden furniture, bringing a new lease of life to your outdoor wooden areas.

    Domestic Cleaning Services

    Let us take care of your everyday cleaning tasks in the home, we understand that peoples lives are becoming increasingly busier and cleaning can be last on your agenda. We offer a friendy, reliable quality service. KW Home Cleaning Services

    Snow Removal

    If you are having problems keeping on top clearing your drive or pathway this winter, please feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to help.